Swamp Run project photo Buckhannon River watershed

Swamp Run

Two sites (Swamp Run #1 and Swamp Run #2) saw major remedial projects and ongoing monitoring to address acid mine drainage via multiple revenue sources, including OSM, Stream Partners, etc.

Smooth Rock Lick site #2–close-up view Buckhannon River watershed

Smooth Rock Lick Run

Acid mine drainage remediation projects on Smooth Rock Lick Run on the Left Fork of Buckhannon near Alton have been completed, although additional post-project water-quality monitoring continues. These totaled over $300,000. Completion of these projects follows BRWA’s involvement with the completion of the 250 thousand-dollar Mud Lick project just west of Buckhannon.

Mudlick Run pre-project aerial photograph Buckhannon River watershed

Mudlick Run

BRWA, Inc. partnered with the US Office of Surface Mining, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s (WVDEP) Division of Water and Waste Management, the WVDEP Division of Land Restoration Office of Abandoned Mine Lands and the Canaan Valley Institute to reclaim and restore an old abandoned toxic refuse pile adjacent to Mudlick Run. Runoff from the toxic refuse pile pollutes Mudlick Run and during high stream flows, coal fines are washed into the stream. In order to eliminate acid mine drainage, work involved regrading the refuse area to control surface water runoff and covering the toxic materials with soil. The project also included limestone sand treatment, construction of limestone channels, and incorporated stream bank stabilization measures. The partners contributed a total of $348,842 toward the project, of which $13,170 will be in-kind contributions from the BRWA, Inc.

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