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Buckhannon River Watershed Association, Inc.

The Buckhannon River Watershed Association, Inc. (BRWA, Inc.) was organized on February 12, 2001 and was chartered on March 27, 2001, during which a board of Directors was selected, bylaws were adopted, and membership dues were agreed upon. During the next several months the BRWA worked on getting things up and running.

The purpose of BRWA, Inc. is stated in its bylaws as being, “dedicated to preserving, conserving, and monitoring the health of the Buckhannon River watershed and promoting our West Virginia heritage through public awareness.”

BRWA became officially incorporated on 13 March 2002 and tax-exempt status granted as of 24 October 2002. As of that date, BRWA became a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) organization and remains so today.


Goals and Objectives

Goal 1

Increase education and awareness of the activities and issues of BRWA through expanded public relations efforts.

  • Objective 1—Increase individual membership by 25 % and organization membership by 50%.
  • Objective 2—Create an intergenerational public relations campaign including lectures, service opportunities, and expanded media events.

Goal 2

Continue the direct service activities of BRWA through existing partnerships and actively pursuing new collaborators.

  • Objective 1—Host the existing Framework Group thrice yearly meetings to continue to present projects.
  • Objective 2—Recruit new civic organizations, agencies, and partners to establish new service projects.

Together, we can accomplish great things to protect and promote the Buckhannon River Watershed.

Working Together to Achieve

Our Mission

educate kids about clean water


Teach children and provide outreach to all about the importance of clean water and responsible and safe use of our watershed

fishing on the Buckhannon River


Encourage and support the responsible and safe use of the Buckhannon River Watershed

Swamp Run #1 2016 final report


Monitor and conduct remediation to improve water quality and protect water from contaminants, especially acid mine drainage

You can get involved in improving water quality today!