Geographical Extent - Map

The Buckhannon River arises in Randolph County in wooded terrain at approximately 3500 feet (L Fork) and at approximately 3200 feet (R Fork), flows through and drains a significant portion of Upshur County, and empties into the Tygart Valley R. at Tygart  Junction, Barbour Co, at an elevation of 1334 feet.  Some tributaries of the river drain very small portions of Lewis and Harrison counties. The complete watershed includes Upper Buckhannon, French Creek, Fink Run, Peck's Run, Sand Run, and Lower Buckhannon subsheds: ca. 309 sq. mi. in area and 506 stream miles serving approximately 21 thousand people.  The drained area includes steeply wooded slopes; more gently rolling terrain that has woods, meadows, and pastures with grazing cattle and horses; and mined areas, both active and inactive surface and deep mines.


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